Exchange and return

The main priority of the Argentum TM brand is satisfied customers. Thousands of completed orders all over the world for more than 5 years of work, every third our customer becomes a regular customer.

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We are a registered trademark and carry out our activities exclusively on the basis of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Our product is certified!

Exchange and return of goods purchased from us is carried out exclusively on the basis of the "Law on consumer rights of the Russian Federation"

Basic rules of exchange and return

▪️Most of the models presented by us are sewn in the shortest possible time or adjusted for the Customer, according to the terms of reference presented by the Customer himself.

Product color and material, height, body parameters or size according to * Argentum TM brand size chart.

📌Attention! 📌

The product catalog contains photos taken by a professional photographer with minimal color distortion. The nuances of the shade of the products, the color of the fur, the degree of gloss of the materials, etc. may not coincide with the image of your screen. This is due to your screen settings, personal color perception and other factors.

We do our best to provide our Customers with the most objective information and make your choice pleasant and comfortable.

▪️We sew the model chosen by the Customer, shown in the photo, according to the measurements and taking into account the wishes specified in the order. Before shipment, each product undergoes a triple conformity check, therefore, cases of non-coincidence of the technical specifications are possible, but practically excluded.

📌If the sent model matches the measurements and wishes specified in the order, but does not match your idea of ​​the product, the product will not be accepted for return.

In the event that the Order is of proper quality, the Customer is not entitled to return the Goods, in accordance with clause 4. of article 26.1. RF Law No. 2300-I "On Protection of Consumer Rights":

"The consumer does not have the right to refuse a product of good quality, having individually defined properties, if the specified product can be used exclusively by the consumer who purchases it."

In accordance with this, products made to order of proper quality cannot be returned or exchanged!

▪️We are ready to accept the product for return / exchange if:

1. The sent model objectively does not correspond to the wishes specified in the order.

2. You have found a defect in materials or sewing of the product.

We value quality both in materials and in working with you, so we are always ready to meet you halfway and resolve all emerging issues through negotiations, therefore, first of all, we offer product adjustment.
Before sending each order, the products are carefully checked, therefore, if you find a defect made on our part, we are ready to shoulder the cost of correcting the product or replacing the product with a similar one.

📌 Over the years of our work, to our great regret, there have been unscrupulous buyers who spoiled the product and demanded a refund and compensation.

There were cases when the Customers, after using the products (used for photo sessions, trips, etc.), declared their desire to return the order on the basis of its "discrepancy".

Expertise, in this case, always dot the "i".


If the buyer carried out the examination on his own, before filing a claim with our representatives, and also if, according to the results of the examination, it is established that the defects arose not through the fault of the Seller, we reserve the right not to reimburse the costs of such an examination.

Any changes to the finished product are made only at the expense of the customer, after 100% advance payment.

Changes that fundamentally change the originally ordered model are regarded as a new order, which entails a cost adjustment. The cost is discussed individually.

Exchange and return of goods of inadequate quality

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Products of inadequate quality do not include products that were improperly used by the Buyer, and the rules for caring for the product were not followed: improper washing, use of chemicals during cleaning, mechanical damage, inappropriate storage, etc.

In accordance with Art. 22 of the Law of the Russian Federation No. 2300-I "On Protection of Consumer Rights" the amount paid by the Buyer for the Goods of inadequate quality is subject to return to the Buyer within 10 calendar days from the date of the corresponding request.

Refunds are made by the Seller to the card or the account of the Customer, in the case of paid delivery, the money for it will not be returned.

If the Goods have been paid for through the electronic payment system, the refund is made to the Buyer's electronic account within 5-30 business days.

When replacing a product of inadequate quality with a product of the same model, the price is not recalculated.

To exchange and return:

Step 1

You contact the manager who placed your order, report the problem.

Step 2

Send your application to:

In free form, you state the essence of the claim, preferably with the attachment of a photo, indicating a marriage / detected defect, etc.

Please provide your contact number (Whats App or another messenger for communication)

We will consider your application within 48 hours (excluding weekends) and will contact you.

We are always on the side of the Customer and do our best to make the purchase made with us please you.
Respect and benevolence are our credo.

In the event of objectively inappropriate behavior of the Customers (alas, such cases are not uncommon), we reserve the right to stop all communication and redirect the application to our legal department within the framework of pre-trial proceedings.

Our contacts:

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