Valtherm is an innovative development of scientists from the Italian laboratory of the same name, namely the Valtherm Research & Development Center


Waltherm filler is a multilayer porous structure. This is a micro-honeycomb, in which, thanks to the heat of the human body, the air heats up quickly.


At the same time, excess moisture that appears under a coat or jacket is removed to the outside, ensuring the correct thermal balance and not causing excessive overheating of the body.


Waltherm has been certified in the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 This world-renowned organization has been testing all kinds of products for almost a quarter of a century. 17 research institutes are responsible for carrying out various examinations.


Clothes with this insulation can be washed and wrung out in an automatic machine. At the same time, it does not become thinner, does not roll or shrink. It dries quickly and retains all its original properties. Due to the absence of any deformation, it has a long service life.






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