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We will deliver your order anywhere in the world!

The order is dispatched after 100% payment, including transportation costs.

Attention: we do not work with cash on delivery

When ordering from 70,000 rubles, delivery to the door in the Russian Federation is FREE.

International shipping rates vary by weight, volume and destination. If you have special requests regarding the delivery of your order, please let us know.

Our managers will be happy to provide you with more detailed information on the delivery time.  

Delivery to the Regions of Russia (tariffs are the same in the Russian Federation) * :

  • Delivery within the Russian Federation 500 rubles (Post office)

  • EMS courier  1200₽

  • As agreed with the Customer - delivery by the CDEK company (self-pickup from the department).  In this case, the Customer independently pays for the delivery of the parcel upon receipt.

    * Except for remote regions

A representative of the Courier Service will contact you by phone specified when placing an order in order to agree on the date and time of delivery of the parcel.


To receive a prepaid order, you must present any document proving the identity of the Recipient:

  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or foreign passport.

  • a military ID, a temporary ID issued in exchange for a military ID, or an identity card (for persons doing military service).

  • temporary identity card of a citizen of the Russian Federation, issued for the period of issuing a passport.

  • driver's license;

  • a document proving the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation, according to which a citizen of the Russian Federation enters the Russian Federation (for persons permanently residing outside the territory of the Russian Federation).



We are pleased to offer our Customers the most comfortable payment terms for ordering.  

Full or partial payment is accepted as payment for the order - a deposit. 

The customer can MAKE AN ORDER *  from 7000 ₽ (rubles) to confirm the order from Argentum and its further packaging or sewing.  

All details of the order, terms of reference and the full amount of the order are confirmed by the Customer in writing with the managers.  

  A deposit is a strict type of prepayment that is regulated by law.

It performs the following functions:

  • Acts as a proof of the Customer's intentions;

  • Serves as a guarantor of the fulfillment of the obligations of the parties. 

  • Confirms solvency  Customer

Immediately after making the Deposit, we start completing the Order. When the Order is ready, we inform the Customer about it, and also specify the amount remaining to be paid.

If, within 10 days from the moment the Customer is notified of the readiness, the full payment of the Order is not made, we reserve the right to place the Order for implementation.  (sale) or dispose of it at your own discretion.  

In this case, the Deposit as a guarantor of the Customer's intentions is not returned, compensating for the seller's expenses for the execution of the Order


In the online store  Argentum   the following types of order payment are available:

Yandex.Money wallet

You can register in the Yandex.Money system on the website . You can see the instructions for this payment method  here .  

Bank card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro)

Payment by credit card is possible only by  orders,  designed on the site. Acceptance of orders by phone with payment by credit card is not carried out! Only the cardholder can be the recipient of the order. Upon receipt of an order paid for with a bank card, you must present an identity document and the original card. You can see the instructions for this payment method  here .   


Cashless payment (for legal entities)

When placing an order, you must specify the details of the organization. After placing an order, the manager contacts to clarify the details of the order and issues an invoice. 
  When paying for goods by bank transfer, orders are delivered only after receipt of money to the current account!

Bank transfer (for individuals)

Payment for the order is made only after its registration and confirmation by the store manager. A receipt for payment will be available when placing an order after entering contact information and choosing a method of delivery and payment. Be sure to indicate your full name and date of payment, the rest of the data is filled in automatically. 

Attention!  When paying for the goods by bank transfer, the delivery of orders is carried out only after the receipt of money to the current account!

Via mobile or Internet bank of Sberbank

For payment via Sberbank Online 
Login ⏩ payments ⏩ Sberbank client account ⏩ 40802810362000034954
translation of the organization⏩
TIN 183111613308⏩
BIK 049205603⏩
Gearbox 165502001 ⏩
Purpose of payment
  "Clothes" ⏩ 
Amount ..... ⏩
Save and send a check ⏩
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